Northern California Camanachd

Shinty in the Golden State

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There are a variety of ways that you can support Northern California Camanachd besides playing shinty. We are always looking for volunteers to help with various activities and contacts to suggest new and different venues for shinty and other Scottish cultural activities. As well, with NCC being part of the Highlanders of Northern California, a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation, so all donations made to the organization are tax deductible. Please use the PayPal buttons on the linked page to make a one-time contribution or pay your shinty participation fees.

There are PayPal buttons for a straight donation, for paying participation fees with a one-time payment or, using one of the Shinty Daft subscriptions, via a recurring payment. PayPal accepts most major credit cards and you do not need to have a PayPal account to use these buttons!

Visit our PayPal Buttons page here!

Thank you!