updated 7/6/08
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Photos courtesy of Susan Worland Bentley, Denise & Elheran Francis, Colleen McAvoy

The NCCC at the Livermore Games 17 May 2007

The NCCC post-match at the Livermore Games 17 May 2007. A complete photo gallery can be found here.
Livermore, California

The fifth Livermore Scottish Games coincided with the hottest of Spring weekends, temperatures cresting over 100F (40C). The NCCC, who has participated in all five Livermore Games, moved from the soccer fields (which were being renovated) to the Heavy athletics arena and played one demonstration match each day. Our central location, as well as mentions from both the Wicked Tinkers and Molly's Revenge, helped to draw extra attention to our shinty exploits and we enjoyed talking with a number of games attendees.

Wicked Tinkers & Michael Bentley
ABOVE: NCCC co-founder Michael Bentley sits in with the Wicked Tinkers. WT Piper Aaron Shaw was one of the original California "Shinty Boys" way back when. BELOW: the experimental goals - Keeper Ben Phillips makes a stop (the ball is just above his caman) and Lewis, Seth, Iain (hidden), and Julius haul the goal off the field at the end of play.

Ben makes a stop in goal Hauling the goal

Our quick set-up time gave us a chance to experiment with using a large golf-backstop for our goals - a mixed success but very portable. We played the two demonstration matches midday with five-a-side teams which allowed for rolling substitutes (especially on Saturday when we fielded almost two dozen players!) and kept us fresh and the game fast-paced. Despite a challenging surface, a small field, and playing with a safety ball (due to our placement near other venues) the NCCC players displayed some good skills and treated the spectators to some exciting action. In particular Saturday's match was a see-saw affair with multiple lead changes and a result that was only decided in the closing minutes. HOT HOT HOT! A photo gallery can be found here!

Lisa Hill keeps the ball out of the net
ABOVE: Keeper Lisa Hill, at first alone and then with the help of her defense, keeps the ball out of the net. BELOW LEFT: We always hope to attract new players and getting them interested young will keep us going in the years ahead. BELOW RIGHT: Jonathan and Iain reinact an obscure scene from Last of the Mohicans.

Youth coaching Last of the Mohicans