updated 8/1/2007
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Photos courtesy of Cheri Norris, Denise Francis, & Susan Worland Bentley

The NCCC at the Livermore Games 19 May 2007

The NCCC at the Livermore Games 19 May 2007. A complete photo gallery can be found here.
Livermore, California

The NCCC has been part of the Livermore Scottish Games since it's founding in 2004. This year we coordinated a field athletics venue that included shinty and rugby on both days of the games. Our shinty was played in a variety of configurations, including having the 2006 traveling side play against the rest of the club, and having regional teams compete over the course of the two days. Our matches were closely contested and there was some great action, a photo gallery can be found here!

Ben and Nancy vie for the ball
Ben and Nancy vie for the ball.

Some great photos were taken during the weekend, and they suggested the collage presentation you see above and below - it is a great way to see the development of the action. Further down is an attempt to overlay several photos taken in quick succession, another way see the movement over time.

shot blocked

Above: A shot on goal is blocked by Keeper Kevin Campbell. Below: Bruce Norris scores the first goal on Saturday.

a score

Nancy and Colleen at play

Above: Nancy Lee MacDonald and Colleen McAvoy contest the ball in overlay. Below: Mark Lawson takes a shie, the ball (a blur) shown in the inset.

Mark Shies