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  1. Q. What do I need to give Shinty a try?
    A. Basically you just need to show up to a scheduled practice in clothes that you can run and move comfortably in: Shorts, sweats, leggings all work; t-shirts, sweat shirts; and running shoes. If you have soccer or field hockey shin guards please wear them, if not don't worry, we have some loaners. Knee socks help keep shin guards in place, but aren't required. We recommend men wear athletic cups to start out with. Turf shoes or soccer cleats are fine (no metal cleats are allowed), but not necessary to give Shinty a try. Bring along some water or athletic drink, sunscreen, and hats are optional. We have an assortment of loaner camans (sticks) for people to start out with. Minors will need to get a waiver signed prior to participating by their parent/guardian.

  2. Q. Can new or inexperienced players start at any time of the year?
    A. Yes, with the exception of one our public matches or Challenge Matches, beginners and new players are always welcome. We are coed club, so both male and female players are welcome.

  3. Q. Where do I find the directions and times for the practices and other club activities?
    A. Go to the schedule section of the web site here, for the latest times and dates. Directions can be had by double clicking on the location name (in red). The times are listed on the schedule page as well. Sometimes locations/times change, so double check the schedule before setting out.

  4. Q. Do you socialize after practice?
    A. Yes! We generally go to a pub or restaurant near the respective practice sites afterwards for food, refreshments, and to socialize. Family and friends are welcome to join us as appropriate.

  5. Q. Why do we practice every other Sunday?
    A. We practice/play year round - we practice every other Sunday so as not to tie up every weekend.

  6. Q. I play other sports, if there are schedule conflicts may I stop playing Shinty and come back after the other sport's season is over?
    A. Yes, that is one of the many reasons we play year round. However if there is a major match or event coming up when you first return, players who have been attending practices more frequently may take precedence in getting playing time, if this is an issue.

  7. Q. Why rotate between multiple locations?
    A. Our membership is spread out over a large geographical area and we attempt to spread the traveling around.

  8. Q. Is carpooling to practices/events an option?
    A. Yes, many members carpool. It may not always be possible, but we will try to help you find potential carpool friends.